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Ok, as Aurbere said a few seconds ago, let's chill.

You guys have branched this thread waaaay off topic. Forget the whole Luke and Sidious thing for Pete's sake. We can argue that some other time.

Aurbere: I've only argued fact. I've made my opinion clear but it isn't something I've forced on you guys. But I do feel that you've tried to force a few of your opinions on me. Leave all of our opinions alone please.

As I've said more times then I care to count, the purpose of this thread was to show why Revan could hold his own against most people. Is there seriously no one esle who thinks so? You guys have spent a lot time arguing over my opinions, which seems silly.

I'm sorry if I got a little pissed at times. If you guys think I stated something as fact that you think wasn't, then please bring it up. But don't attack my opinions. My opinion is not worth debating.
You have argued facts, but only facts about Revan. And some of what was posted was only your opinion. What I am trying to tell you is that canonically, Revan can not hold his own against Jedi and Sith of the future. I've stated it numerous times.

I wasn't trying to come off as attacking your opinion, but when it comes to educating people you must use facts and not opinion.
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