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10.06.2012 , 06:38 PM | #1
Im feeling very over whelmed when sitting on the fleet seeing all these people asking people to join X op/fp in SM or HM. I have found a few guides as to what type of gear can drops from which one. Im also confused on the GF and the rewards you get from completion, along with getting missions from the daily terminal. I ran a SM Karagins Palace the other night and a SM Eternity Vault today. Now the KP one we didnt get to finish, a tank got something he wanted and quit, so we didnt get to finish. Eternity Vault on the other hand we did finish and didnt get and BH comms when we finished. I also noticed i didnt have an active mission in my log like i did with KP. Anyone know a guide or can explain to me about these Fps/Ops? Theres so many and im not sure where i should start.