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Wouldn't it also be possible albeit in a strange way, that his mask was the foundation for the Kaleesh mask. Seeing as how the Kaleesh view death as a way to godhood, isn't it possible that viewpoint began with Nihilus becoming the way that everyone knows him as. Personally it somewhat makes some sense that viewing someone who should by all right have died, but survived only for his body to eventually die but still live on as Nihilus did. To me, it does seem like a plausible way to explain why the kaleesh way is that only the strongest ascend to godhood after death. Seeing as Nihilus' body died but he lived on, the kaleesh could view that was an ascension to godhood and wear similar masks that evolved with the times as a sort of symbol.
I believe the Kaleesh masks (atleast Grievous') are Mumuu skulls. Probably spelled that wrong lol.
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