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Woah, you totally misunderstood me.

I never said that Revan was a better duelist then any of the men on Aurbere's list. I simply posted my question because I knew Aurbere could proove none of what he said, and I was frustrated he posted it as if it was canon.

You said that I've said a lot of things that aren't canon, and this pisses me off a bit. I made it clear when I was saying something that was my OPINION. I've been very careful to draw a line between my opinion and canon fact.

You're right about when I compared Revan's force power to Kun, I forgot to list it as a opinion.

As for my opinion regarding Revan VS Sidious and Luke, it's fine if you wanna laugh. No point in getting arguemenative, 'cause it's just an opinion that I'm not arguing.

I never said he was a demigod. I'm not overselling him. All I am saying is that he could hold is own against most opponents. That's the purpose of my origanal post. It is my OPINION however that he could beat most opponents, but I'm not here to argue my opinion.
It is fact. It is G-Canon that the PT Jedi are the best until the NJO under Luke Skywalker. I don't state it as opinion. I state it as fact. Everything I have posted is fact.

When it comes to a debate, you have to use facts. You cannot make a case on opinion. Number one rule of debating
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