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Just my two cents here..

2. Revan did take some of the Mando's tactics, difference is he used them better, he made them better. So yes, he did outwitt them. If Revan used the exact same tactics the Mando's used again and again all the same way it would have been a short war.

3. This is one of the thing's I don't get. "Kreia lies" I hear, then "Kreia said Meetra is her best student". Um..but doesn't she...?- Ah forget it.

4. I'm still sticking with the "not at his best" thing I said before.
Yes he did make them better, but the fact is they weren't his tactics.

Kreia said this during her last minutes. We know that she wasn't lying at this time because she predicted the death of Jango Fett at the hands of Mace Windu as well as the fall of the Republic.
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