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Hi Ebon Hawk folks,

I have been playing TOR since before launch, and have yet to experience the game with a group of active people who share my love of the game. I would like to change this! To that end, I am seeking a guild (well two, I guess, since I want chapters on both sides) that:
  • enjoys PvE from initial creation through 'end-game' and helps with and organizes group content
  • is supportive of RP (and maybe even has group storylines!)
  • basically has a fun casual group of people
  • understands that REAL LIFE happens sometimes
  • Oh, and PLEASE no drama, unless it's of the scripted and acted variety.

My Republic characters have been in a few guilds, but none remain active, and sadly, most do not RP, and seldom have sufficient on to do group content. My current republic guild has hit this same wall, and given that they are now seeking to merge with another guild, it's a good time for me to strike out on my quest for a new home. My Imperial characters have not yet found any place to call home, the poor dears.

All of my characters started back on Rubat Crystal, and I am still feeling "new" on EH. I have one level 50 (Sage healer), and more characters than any sane person should have in the leveling pipe.

I am a long time gamer, with experience in 3 MMOs, and a plethora of RP games before that, going back to pen and paper and on up through computers and consoles. In MMOs, I tend to play healers and damage dealers, and have not had much success at tanking roles. I generally have just plain sucked at PvP, so usually ignore that aspect of the game, except when there is some reward from it that my character just has to have.

While I enjoy RPing, I am by no means an RP guru- I simply like to have stories for all my characters, and I like their stories to continue while I am playing them, ideally with some friends along who have their own tales to unfold. I am a SW fan, but not a total SW nerd, so I make no claims about my lore accuracy, just try to do my best based on what I can find online

If you have a guild that might suit what I am seeking, and think I might suit your guild, please let me know.
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