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1: Are you kidding me? You can't prove that any of the named duelists are better Revan! Does it say anywhere specifically that these people are better then Revan? No! So please don't state it like it's fact. Yes, I would agree that SOME of the named duelists are better then Revan, but that is an opinion. If you can name where it said these people are better duelists then Revan I'll be shocked.

Can you prove Revan is better?

4: This whole canon thing is an impossible debate. I'm choosing to see the Revan novel as fact, and you aren't. Did Lucas say himself (and I don't mean through a character in a book) that it's impossible to use both sides of the force? I think not. I think he (and other writers) said that it is impossible through characters. If this is so, then it means nothing. If Luke Skywalker said that it was impossible to use both light and dark sides of the force, does that mean it is? No! It means it's impossible to the best of his knowledge, which is veryh different. Luke isn't all knowing, no one is. Did it ever occur to you that Revan may have figured something out that none of the other characters have been able to comprehend?

It's not impossible to debate. George Lucas created Star Wars and it's his IP. His word is law and is considered G-canon, Chee acts on his behalf on things like this and what he says is also considered G-canon. No matter what any other author,book,game, fanfic etc says it does not overrule G-canon. Only GL or Chee can overrule G-canon by retconning or changing it.

5: I've already said why your logic for why Malgus is stronger fthen Revan is flawed. Look back at my example and explain it. I'm not even saying that Malgus isn't stronger, but I am saying that the game XP system doesn't proove it.

I'd appreciate it if you listed you opinions as opinions rather then facts. Most of your stuff in this thread is pure opinion. Pot, meet Kettle.
I like Revan, always have, but he isn't the Jedi demigod most fans make him out to be.

As for your opinion on the Revan vs. Bane vs. Vader vs. Kun thread, it's opinion and you are entitled to it, but saying Revan was better with the Force than Kun was is stretching it a bit. Kun's power in the Force kicked into overdrive when he fell, he had a very strong Force sense, Force Flight, abnormally powerful Force blasts and he freaking drained the life force out of the Massassi. I'm not even including all the stuff he did post death.

Revan holding his own with Luke and coming close to Sidious almost made me spit my beer all over my screen. It's laughable that you think he could even stand on the same playing field as the G-canon most powerful Sith ever and G-canon most powerful Jedi ever. It's not opinion, It's G-canon. Putting it in sports terms, Revan would be the Little League Regional Champs and Sidious and Luke being The Yankees and Red Sox.
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