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It's so funny to see people cry about this when Rage/Focus has been able to do that damage since......ever.
that's what ppl say, and I suppose it's true. however, there are definitely more ppl smashing all over the place, because I'm taking significantly more dmg from juggs. in fact, 1v1, I can kite a jugg all day. and I'm decent but nothing special. thus, I think the issue is that more juggs/guards are focus spec'd, and they're catching ppl in close proximity.

I can say that probably the best dps in my guild was a focus guardian before he unsubbed. so...yeah. the spec has always been good, but for w/e reason, it's now the fotm and flooding wz's, wrecking melee who are unable to avoid thanks to being in stun 50% longer.

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I The top dps in a warzone now are always smash specced players, ALWAYS. It's not even close.
patently not true. but I'm with you on the other stuff.

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