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10.06.2012 , 05:55 PM | #8
I pretty much hate playing my melee classes after 1.4. The amount of time I spend CC'd anymore is sad, and being as squishy as I am without my defensive cooldown's ( Cant pop when stunned ), I just die allot. My damage and usefulness for WZ's is gone.

Seems like the issue is much worse because of allot of changes in 1.4, rage buff created more jugs and marauders out there spamming their 4 sec stun, then trying to kill Sorc/Sage healers and being stunned by their bubble. I end up stunned or dead more than anything.

It wouldn't be so bad if pugs would better coordinate, and didn't attack the tanks leaving me the only one on the sorc healer or even used their own stuns.