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10.06.2012 , 05:39 PM | #404
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They gave you free transfers to aussie servers from US and EURO servers. They will give(if that's the word) paid transfers, thru the cash shop to ALL players.
As it is true that we got a free transfer from the APAC server creation... In the "Free Transfer Period" APAC servers didn't get to transfer anywhere. Not from US servers, and not to. On top of that, on server merges, APAC servers were left out, even though we had brought this matter up ages ago, saying we want to be merged.

All in all, APAC is still missing some official response, and no matter how you dodge it as "you are a small player base" and everything, we are all paying customers and we have all the rights to a response.

I have 70 days left on my subscription. I don't believe I'm gonna play most of it, but if that time runs out, I guess I'll join F2P.