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Thanks. Nothing jumps out as being too off about that Dxdiag. Well technically your machine is a shade below the minimum requirements, but when it's as close as it is, there's rarely an issue. It may help to close down all other processes when playing, so see if that has any effect.

I notice that the warping seems to be related to another bug that we're seeing where various UI elements will show up on the loading screen (you can see elements of this screen in the Hutta screenshot). I'm curious, does the warping move, or does it just warp and stay static? Does resetting the UI with Ctrl & U make any difference? Also, please try going to the UI manager and trying a different setup.

Also, it may help to download a fresh copy of the drivers directly from AMD, as sometimes the laptop manufacturers' driver packs can have issues. I'm not saying this is the case here, just trying to cover all bases.

Again, thanks.

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