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Quote: Originally Posted by Roalmo View Post
And they'll get back to us right after the game goes ftp.

"Well, this isn't a problem, you can transfer each of your characters for $(US)50 at any time, if you feel your server isn't populated enough."
They can say that if they want to, it's totally up to them. I don't see how that will appease the APAC community that is already mightily pissed off with them right now.

I personally don't want a "transfer", I would like a server merger like what was just done in the US. Take these 3 servers we have here for our region, and merge them into a single server.

I also think the threats of leaving don't bother Bioware due to the impending FTP. They'll be expecting to lose a lot of paying subscribers to FTP, it's the nature of that model, so losing a few APAC players beforehand will be of little concern to them.

So basically, I don't think they're going to announce anything before FTP in regards to APAC server consolidations. We can be a noisy as we like about it, but they won't respond. They have no reason to just yet. Once they go FTP you'll see a bit more communications from them, they'll have a player base that has no ties to this game, they'll need to ensure everything is done to make the game as playable as possible then. Right now, we're kind of locked in, we WANT to pay to play, but they don't really need us to.