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I believe the Tibetan Candle build deserves a second chance after 1.4

The heat problems are less problematic now that the prototype flamethrower stacks are reduced to 3. I'm using a 7/31/3 variation on the spec and I like it a lot. You loose out on the 8 heat dissipation every 6 seconds and the 15% movement boost. But you get a significant damage boost in exchange with the combustible gas cylinder.

My experiences so far in pvp with full augmentated gear and mainly warhero with only my relics, chest, bracers and belt being battlemaster (around 19.000 self-buffed health, 77% surge, 33% crit) : The damage boost makes it significantly easier to kill other players. As full AP I still had trouble with some marauders and juggernauts with 22k+ hp 1 on 1 because my damage output wasn't high enough especially if my prototype flamethrower got interrupted by CC. Tibetan Candle makes them burn like crisps. CGC is easily 5-6k of additional damage during a fight with one.

Well geared healers are impossible to take down on your own as full AP. As Tibetan Candle you still can't kill them because you overheat when you really try. However you do put out more of a hurting, making the spec more effective then AP when you are being assisted by others to take down a healer.

Other observations: in massed pvp clashes with healers, full AP does more damage overall than Tibetan Candle. Reason is as full AP you usually don't overheat, so you can use your flamethrower/dfa whenever its off the cooldown and attack pretty much non stop. As Tibetan Candle you will overheat in such fights or will need to significantly hold back. Problem is you usually don't know how long a fight will last, and often overheating seems like a good idea but backfires due to changing circumstances.
However, even with the lower total damage (in a voidstar match I did 500k total damage as full AP, a very similar match with TBC I did 400k) the amount of killingblows TBC scores is significantly higher, as in a 30% increase.

In the shorter clashes that you will find most of the time in warzones, I've found that TBC does significantly more damage and killingblows than full AP.

The 15% movement increase you loose out on as TBC is something I personally do notice, somewhat miss occasionally, but not enough to warrant loosing the increase in damage CGC brings. And when I really need speed I have Hydraulic Override. I've not noticed a loss in survivability, in fact being able to kill stuff faster more than compensates.

Conclusion: Tibetan Candle is better for duels and short clashes. Better for initial pressure on healers or to try burst them down, but worse in the long run for continually putting pressure on them. In long drawn out combat AP tends to be slightly better due to TBC overheating issues. Survivability is about equal. DPS difference in fights is very noticeable.

As for my 7/31/3 spec, I'm not certain if it has more or less dps than the 2/31/8 spec from the OP. (+6% aim & +6% fire damage, vs + 8% rocketpunch & +30% CGC damage) Any insights on that are appreciated

ps. I just love the 30% aoe reduction talent vs all those smash spamming maniacs in warzones now
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