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Apples and oranges, man. You absolutely CAN NOT compare the PvE grind to the PvP grind.

The most difficult part of gearing up for end game raiding is putting the group together to do it. Battlemaster gear makes you insta-ready for Hard Mode raiding, so Tionese and Columi can be skipped completely. You can be in full Rakata gear in 2 weeks, or almost full Rakata in a single day if you're lucky with gear drops. The grind from BM to WH takes far longer.


Most of the PvP community would continue to play with no gear grind. We PvP to compete, not chase gear sets.

Yup, personally Id prefer no gear grind at all in PVP and have been saying that since the start.

PVP should be about ABILITY, STRATAGY, TACTICS, and yes EGO
NOT gear progression

But while there is some good players in War hero who wouldnt be overly effected by removal of gear progression in PVP.
There is a whole whack of sub par players as well that NEED the gear advantage to be better.
Usually find these types farming unranked QZs while in a full pre made.
To them its only about them winning at any cost. They not looking for competition on a balanced scale no matter what they claim.

PS: one of my characters in almost full WH (but I stopped PVPing with him mostly. My 2 main characters each have started the switch to WH over augmented battlemaster so Im not speaking from a case of a have not, im closing in on the have all portion and have every intention of retiring those 2 characters from unranked WZs when they obtain full WH gear and only play them in the ranked WZs.

Course im not looking for the cheap, easy, meaningless win either.

Long as there are players who beleive in winning at any and all costs.
Your going to have players who defend the unbalanced gear progression system of WOW/Rift/TOR

The real PVPers will be the ones looking for balanced and competative PVP where ones ability is the deciding factor, not ones gear.
In regards to lessening F2P and Preferred restrictions
In GAMING, as in LIFE,
You get what you pay for
No game restriction is so dire that $15.00/month will not eliminate it