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The biggest problem with the changes to the 1.4 resolve system is that it is now easier to become 'stunlocked'. The way Resolve used to work, chain stuns could only lock you out of combat for 6 seconds, due to overlapping Resolve builders. Now, you can effectively be chain stunned for 8 seconds. Your data does not reflect that.
Good point, but I can just parse what was available in the combat logs. I do not have any information about the characters resolve there, so I can only calculate the time difference between the start and end of an CC ability. But since the percentage of times has gone up in average, I would assume that the overlap mechanics checks if an existing CC of the same kind is already applied. If yes, it does not apply at all or possibly shortens the duration. I might have to try to test this scenario, throwing multiple CC's at once and see how the overlapping ends up in the combat logs.
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Roots, and especially slows are not really what everyone is complaining about. Every AC has some sort of slow built into their attacks, and these don't have any influence on Resolve in the first place. Players expect to be slowed.
For melee characters slows and root are quite a hinder. Imagine slowed or rooted with only few ranged attacks. I play a marauder myself, so basically Force Scream is the only good option. And it is crap on all other specs than carnage. I have already noticed a big difference in 1.4 when playing Annihilation. Because of all the stuns now, it is pretty much squishy as the other specs. If you are stun locked and there are two or three dpsing you, nothing you can do about it.
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I also think your sampling is ridiculously small, especially for 1.4. And I don't see any mention of what class you play. These numbers seem awfully low for anyone playing a melee class.
I am already fully min/maxed marauder with the new Elite WH weapons, so I do not have much of an incentive to play PvP at the moment. And the 1.4 has been out, what ten days? Please cut me some slack