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oooo nice post jholiday. I want to try

some mitigation, sometimes I think right?
slowest reposting, useless leep
uhhh cooldowns. there are a few but they are garbage. blade something? force something else? it lowers ur threat and causes ur party to wipe
worst tank
good dps
looks like classical mmo tank type with good outfit

Highest mitigation but least tanky
force speed is kind of bad compared to leaps
no defensive cooldowns except for a debuff
unreliable pull, good ranged damage
good aoe threat generation
best tank but usually about as bad as jug tank
using cloak machine is hilarious for wiping your party during boss
outfits look to girly

short Damage rotation
Aoe Threat sometimes
medium mitigation but better than juggernaut or assassin
boba fett class
ranged blaster for reposting
fast click speed
least likely to be worst tank

In the end you can tank any content with any of the tanks. Yes the juggernaut is much worse than the other 2 but he is still good enough most of the time if he is played by a really good player. The thing that slows down the juggernaut is there are fewer really good players than one would like. There are a lot of crappy juggernaut tanks that are pretty borderline that are played by people who think they are good though. Unless the situation gets tricky cross ur fingers and hope it's enough.

powertech is easiest tank and since all tanks are good enough that means he is usually best tank.

Assassin is the best tank but that almost never happens. Sometimes he is the worst tank no matter what like on the foreman that crushes dudes.
THe juggernaut isn't bad. The person who plays it is. Useless CDs? They take 40% lass dmg for 10 secs and that's a bad cd? Much better than Sin and PT CDs. All tanks are equal. They have pros and cons and are better at something than the other 2 are.
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