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Well jugs R missing something 2 make them more useful there nothing I do better then other tanks

(Skill other Tanks Hav Jugs Dont)
Assassions hav Force Speed. Pull, Range skills. Stealth, and a Out on combat CC
Powertech hav Pull, Range Skills, and Higher Damage, Endurance boost in Skill tree

Both hav a higher list of useful skill then a Jug. Having Pull or something would even it out a bit jugs R less useful then others .
You have force charge, force push, heavy armor, and a MS modifier in your tanking skills. You charge to a target, push them and charge again sounds similar to a pull. You have heavier armor than Sin tanks. You can have 2000 strength in tank form, while Sin tanks cap out a 1700ish. You sound like you have all abilites that other tanks have. And you're complaining about HP? You also have ranged abilities...ever heard of saber throw?
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