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1: He's outclassed by future duelists? How's that? That sounds like a opinion not based on canon to me. If he is the best duelist of his day, then he could hold his own with most anyone. I'm not saying he could beat anyone, but I can't think of anyone who would win by a landslide when fighting Revan.

2: You're right, he did have a greater sized army then the Mandos. But the magnitude at which he beat them was still very impressive. And like I said before, Canderous Ordo, who had studied war his entire life, praised Revan over and over again. Need I say more on that subject?

3: Yes, Kreia lied a lot. But even she wouldn't lie without reason! Why would she tell the Exile lies about Revan? How does that help her? Unless you can prove she wasn't telling the truth (which you can't) then you've got nothing there.

4: Revan DID use both sides! It states so in the book! Yes, it contradicts what some other sources say, but what makes those sources correct? This is one of those errors in writing about something as broad as Star Wars. Sources sometimes contradict eachother. If you looked around, there are so many contradictory things in Star Wars it's crazy!
In a story, things don't always fit together too nicely. This is something you have to accept.

5: You're taking the order of the game XP like that? That's seriously flawed thinking! Here's an example why:

Compare the average droid you fight at level 50 to some random Jedi you fight at level 10. The droid is a lot more powerful isn't he? Do think that the writer's are trying to say that the droid is better then the Jedi in reality? Heck no! They just want you to fight a Jedi early on. For this same reason, your logic is flawed.

Lastly, let me make it clear that I never said Revan was better the Kun, Vader, or Bane. If I said that, then it wouldn't be based on canon. What is based on canon is that Revan IS in the same ball park as these guys. He's no pushover. That's canon whether you like it or not. I only said that it's my OPINION that Revan was better. So let's not get hung up on who would win. I'm just saying that he wouldn't be beaten easily.
1. Luke Skywalker, Darth Sidious, Darth Vader, Mace Windu, Yoda, Plo Koon, Ki-Adi Mundi, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Cin Drallig, Kyp Durron, Kyle Katarn, Darth Caedus, Jaina Solo... need I go on. All of these people are off the top of my head on who could beat Revan in a Lightsaber duel. Notice how all of them are from a future era. That my friend is canon.

2. Canderous Ordo praised Revan for joining the fight and defeating the Mandalorians. But that doens't change the fact that Revan didn't come up with his tactics on his own. He used Mandalorian tactics and his forces to gain the victory.

3. To push Meetra to be stronger. That was the main purpose (imo) of it. She put Meetra next to Revan and said that Revan was better. Notice how she later says that Meetra is her greatest student.

4. Again you misunderstand because of the wording of the book. And, yes there are contradictory subjects in Star Wars, but you can't contradict G-canon. And every G-canon source dictates that using both sides is impossible.

5. Yes I am. For story purposes only. At the time of the Foundry fight, the Imperial classes were not at there best. However, after that fight they become more powerful. An example of that is Kallig 'eating' more Force ghosts. After the fight with Malgus, Kallig could take Revan alone. he is one of the most powerful DC members. I did not take this from a level perspective as it has no meaning to me, I made my argument from a story timeline perspective.
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