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Fair enough, that is why it is always good to use Sabotage Charge first, I agree.

Even if it does give away what I am doing with my Charged Burst (and that is probably not a HUGE bit of damage), the fact is SS Aimed Shot is better than DF Aimed Shot, due to the buffs in the SS tree. Then factor in that even with the same amount of time, I get in a Charged Burst and a Trickshot, vs. just Wounding Shots with no bleeds. That is a clear advantage. Plus, even if the DF rotation gets them down to 30%, SS Quickdraw does more damage than DF Quickdraw. Again, a clear win for the bursty-ness of SS.

Like I said, DF has its uses, but SS is the clear winner in burst damage. It's not that DF can't burst. It is just not its primary purpose.
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