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The forum has been filled with QQ about the resolve change in 1.4 and how the game has become a stun fest. I agree in that somewhat, so I decided to check how much the CC has changed after the changes the way resolve is built in 1.4. So I spend a day creating a parser, which checks the duration of all crowd control effects, separated by slows, stuns and roots. The sample size is still quite small for 1.4, only 46 matches. I compared those to 96 warzones I played just before 1.4 was released.

Here is the summary of the results:

  • Stunned 5,29%
  • Slowed 14,54%
  • Rooted 2,55%
  • Total CC 22,38%

  • Stunned 2,91%
  • Slowed 10,96%
  • Rooted 3,03%
  • Total CC 16,90%

Percentage is calculated how much do you spend time under the certain CC effect related to the WZ duration. So basically it confirms that you spend quite a lot of time under some kind of CC. As a melee character, stuns and roots are quite an annoyance. The game had quite a lot of CC even before 1.4 and now the overlap mechanism is just helping the non-organized CC spam. Huttball is great example, you have no chance of getting over firepits if you have 0 resolve even with stun breakers on CD. Naturally the solution is to pass the ball more, but with normal wzs coordination is pretty difficult.

If you are interested, you can find the stats I used to calculate the percentages from the Google spreadsheet below.