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What do you mean beat Lucas? I never said Drew's novel was good (although I did enjoy it). The fact is, Drew's book got published and thus it should be reckonized as Star Wars fact, regardless of what you think about his writing.
Lucas stated you can't use both sides of the force, Chee said the same, a LOT of in-universe characters stated the same, a hell of a lot of other sources back this up to and it isn't as clear cut as, if it gets published under the Lucas license it's auto-canon, if something in a novel, game, etc... contradicts either George Lucas, T-Canon or G-Canon(or all three) that particular piece is either a 'misconception' due to it being impossible, with any other possibility that doesn't contradict higher tier canon being the actual canon or it's retconned all together.

TCW: Revival spoilers incoming: