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We've already seen one NiM mechanic, the 3 droids at the start of the fight are "bugged" to have their induction .5 seconds faster and become immune to damage at 5 stacks, which is actually an accidental leak from NiM mechanic testing. I hope they think of some challenging mechanics to add in because frankly this is very easy to counter and very boring.

It does make me worry, since someone suggested making Zorn and Toth immune to taunts at stages throughout the fight, as this mechanic is and has been present in EC HM since day one. Secondly i'd like to have them set their enrage timers so I don't have to restrict my skill set to strike, overload saber, slash and cauterize to not overlap fight phases in Zorn and Toth despite their "fix."

I'm hoping EC NiM only focuses on half of the DG set pieces (the tastier ones) and incorporates more earpiece/implant drops, given their cost.
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