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My final point on the Malgus vs. Malak fight. Let me put it this way. In the Foundry Kallig, The Emperor's Wrath, The Grand Champion and Cipher Nine were not at there best and they beat Revan. (I'm gonna be honest, I was under-leveled and that fight was so easy.) Then Malgus goes rogue and it takes the four Imperial classes at their best to beat him. This is when Kallig has his ghosts (if Dark Side is canon), the Emperor's Wrath is at his full power (at this point) and the Grand Champion and Cipher Nine have access to the best equipment that they can get (along with refined battle experience). So it stands to reason that if it takes the four Imperial classes at full power to beat Malgus, when they were only roughly half that fight Revan, then Malgus could take Revan and Malak on at the same time and wreck them.

EDIT: As to the thread title, I do respect Revan. I like Revan, but I will not lie about him just to make him seem cooler. In fact, the truth makes him seem like a dud.
Not really sure I would count the fight at The Foundry to be a fair gauge of Revan's strength. He just got out of the prison he was in for 300 years, in which he was fighting arguably one of the most powerful Sith ever in a mind battle that he needed a force ghost' help as to not get mind screwed in. Even with the Exile's help he was pretty much crazy and not thinking or acting clearly, I don't believe he could use the force to the best of his ability in that state. I don't think anyone could be at they're best when put through something that rough.

Not saying those four would for sure lose if Revan was at his best, but we can't assume they would for sure win either. So in my opinion I don't think we should assume Malgus would destroy him and Malak.
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