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Did a HM False Emp two nights back with the guild plus one marauder PUG.
We ROFL stomp it to the Malgus fight.

Time comes where you knock him off the bridge to defeat him.
Knocked back off the bridge and the Mara force lept at that exact moment.

You see malgus go flying down and then the mara right behind him.

I go to the edge, /yell Is he dead?
Mara reponds in party chat, "yep"
"oh good. Thank you for checking"

I know this sounds odd but it made me laugh SO hard!
I wasn't the mara in this story, but a very similar thing happened to me. I rolled into a random grp in a sub 50 FP, one of the grp members knocks some random trash off a ledge just as I was force leaping to it.... Really wish I had a clip of it :-)
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