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also don't be afraid to ask for help on the general chat. "hi, I'm new to the game and I am looking for people to help me with Heroic 4: Old Friends please"

Also you can try the space missions. If you like them, they're a good source of experience and credits!

And as the person above me mentionned, open your mission log (default hotkey "L")and look at your list of missions. Nar shadaa would be red, while Balmora should be green. The color indicates the relative difficulty (compared to your current level):
- grey missions should be trivial and only yield little to no experiene (5 points)
- green missions should be easy, unless noted [heroic] or [area].
- yellow missions are pretty difficult
- orange missions will be difficult for your level, your attacks will likely miss higher level enemies.
- red missions are extremely difficult for your level, most of your attacks will miss.