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The WH grind is sad, especially because you have to gring WH 2 times to get all the mods you want.

I dont mind the grind if its done in a reasonable time, but the gear difference and the time it takes to grind WH two times is kind of boring.

They should just sell the PvP mods for a reasonable amount of comms, so you could pick whatever shell you want and stick the mods in, this way you only grind one time.

TLDR: Gear grind is acceptable but having to grind the same gear two times just to get the mods you want is of dumb, why they dont sell the mods separately is beyond me.

Have one vendor Sell Shells for all the Armor types..Have another Vendor for all Mods,Enhancements, Armoring, hilt, Barrels...Do it for PvE vendors as well. As it is they are basically forcing people to over purchase because they are unwilling to do this, and creating sets itemized for every spec is overkill for sure.
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