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This was a Very Nice and informative read - I know very little about post ROTJ Star Wars so I learned a few things here

One Thing that I've always found Interesting - is that people always use Sidious killing Vader with Force Lightning as proof of Vader's Extreme Vulnerability to it - However the Scene itself to me Shows Vader has a bit of RESISTANCE to it....

There is not One person that I have seen - that is actually HIT by Sidious' Lightning - that is not immediately Stunned, Knocked Back or Writhing in Agony ASIDE from Vader..... Even Yoda or Mace (Who was killed by it too - the ROTS novel seems to Indicate that Mace Was dead from the lightning before the impact of the fall)
Vader manged to pick Sidious up - Walk with Him While Receiveing a Constant barage of Lightning and then Throw him Down the Shaft....
Anybody else in that Situation would have Probably Spasmed (lost all control of thier motor functions) and Dropped Sidious as Soon as the lightning Touched them - Yes Vader died afterwards but Many would been killed Instantly by the Lightning itself long before that......(to even tell their Son that he redeemed them )
i see vaders death as the same as sions, not only did the machines keep vader alive but also the dark side when he let it go to save Luke that was what did it. i mean when he asks Luke to take his mask off luke fears that will kill him which vader says "nothing can stop that now" which makes me think that yes his suit was damaged but combined with him letting go of the dark side he was no longer saving himself from the brink of death.

on a side not i find it funny that he could pick up a grown man with only one hand.