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Just posting these because I said I would, and I didn't want to be called a liar. Here's my second level 50 voidstar on this character. Took two screens because I realized it would help if I opened my character page to my stats:

I hit /played so that you could see that it's about four hours of playtime (which includes a lot of standing around on Fleet while crafting / surfing the Internet) after I hit 50, to give a comparison for people complaining about gearing issues.
Gratz on being a skilled Commando...Your doing well for your gear no doubt. Doesnt disprove anything about gear gap issues for Startup PvP'ers...Just Proves your a beast on your Commando, all due credit. Average numbers for a WH Merc/Commando are around 350k with 70k heals per match, most I have ever seen is 600k dmg. Your already running ahead of the pack.

That said you put the right guy behind the keyboard in level 50 greens and He will pull high numbers in a WZ... This doesnt prove anythiing except the guy is a beast gamer....Gear is itemized with the "average" player in mind (for this game anyway)...Not an above average in skill payer.

Put your run of the mill "casual" player in Recruit gear (Especially on a Commando) Group up and watch them in WZ's and experience what true Horror looks like.
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