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Oh if only human nature were that easy to bypass. Unless you aren't human

Most likely, especially the people of today's world were all force sensitive, we'd all end up as Dark-Sided rage monkeys that are onyl good-sided temporarily.

And If I was force sensitive, I'd be a quiet dark-sided scholar that was eager to study the dark-side and master it similar to Plageuis.
You're absolutely right. Humans, as a species, rely on emotions. There are some humans (monks in particular) who don't rely on emotions. Humans would most likely become Sith. Just because that's the way the world is right now. I'm not gonna say anymore to avoid this post getting deleted. Just know that I agree with you.

I would probably study this new power as well. How can I expand my knowledge of it for the betterment of humanity? Stuff like that.
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