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10.06.2012 , 01:23 PM | #190
The team Ascendancy runs now is the exact same ppl we ran before we even merged together with Harbinger. The only people that's changed was Martian and like a few days ago we recruited Zaxia (I'm sorry I think that's how you spell it haven't been on much to check!) All this talk about being some sorta server team is rubbish our guild is a SPACE SLUG guild where 90% of the ppl are still the same from the day we started doing rateds. Now when Ascendancy isn't on or dose not have enough ppl do you blame everyone for saying sure they will group with us if we ask them to fill a few spots? its basically 100% ratio win heh.

Oh ya me and Naena got stomped I'm not gonna make excuses I didn't even want to enter the 2v2s thing I hate it and duels, but we lost **** happens :P. But good luck out there! you more then likely need it vs our server rated team lol
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