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So i was levelling my jugg tank guild needs tanks for new groups

i was doing mando raiders...and i queued as tank, this other powertech dps was there...i found it strange that i kept losing aggro to him...later on i caught the little you know what taunting off me... i told him not to continue but he kept taunting off me every chance i got...ofcourse he would only tank random/silver mobs off me, but never a champion mob, probably because he'd get killed...iv met these kind before, they like to taunt off the tank intentionally or blow all their cds at once as dps and try to get the aggro off the tank, almost in a declaration manner "AHA! IM SO GOOD I GOT AGGRO OFF TANK!" He queued as dps....

How should i deal with these idiots?

infuriates me to no end
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