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I also like to addressed with what you said about ranked pvp and the competition. I also agree as it stands now that the ranked system is broken. There are too little of a population that is doing them. There are real systematic barriers that prevent people to go in to them. First, the gear problem. I know I said on a previous post that I have no problem with gear progression, but I have a problem in it in ranked because quite frankly, everyone should be on equal footing when they play there. As it stands now it would take a while to reasonably gear himself/herself to full war hero to be competitive in rateds. Not to mention finding the right team. The consequence of this system is that, there is only a few who play them, (I can count the number of teams in one hand that play the rated games consistently in my server). Only two solutions come into mind (though I'm not sure if they are good ones), remove the grind in ranked and normalized the gear to their respective ACs or shorter the grind. But I leave it to you bioware to find a better solution.

A second problem is finding players to play in them, even if you have a team, you cannot expect people to be playing on your own schedule, there must be a reasonable type of a queue system that fixes this problem.

This is not a QQ post or rant, this is just my criticism of the game particularly the pvp system itself in this game. The main goal of this post is to create a thriving pvp community in this game. There is a subculture and mentality in game and in here that creates the perception that if one puts the time in that they are elite and a feeling of entitlement that prevents much progress on how to address this issue.