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10.06.2012 , 12:55 PM | #4
I agree with what you said here OP. You see, I really have no problem with gear progression or gear grinds in principle as this provides another way of diversifying your character. My problem with the game is how gear progression is implemented in pvp. It is beyond just the gear progression, the problem is the design of endgame pvp itself. Endgame pvp in this game in my opinion is badly designed. No matter how anyone here points otherwise, the main endgame pvp in this game consists of standing and waiting in fleet and playing the same four maps over and over again. On top of this the only way to reasonably gear your character is to play this same four maps over and over again sometimes for months. It really is no surprised that alot of people unsubscibed. Main problem is lack of content. For an avid pvper, you cannot expect them to have to pay $15 month if your content is only four maps and that is the only way to grind.

The second problem with the design is that this game is an mmo not an fps shooter where you just change maps and kill people (or complete objectives). What happened to the rest of the content of the game once you reached the endgame. The game has so much potential in utilizing its planets to create an open world pvp but there is no real incentive to do them because quite frankly, its pointless. Why, because even if it happens it is so artificial, there is no real objective of going across enemy lines and trying to kill other players. An mmo world is supposed to immersed you in their world, its just the design of pvp in this game just separates that for some reason.

Dont misunderstand what Im trying to say here, Im not here to say to remove the maps or suggest more maps for pvp. What Im trying to say is you need more varieties of pvp.