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I think with more matches with us you'll come to realise that Darc is the best sorc, I consider him one of our best players. I have only seen a couple other sorcs able to pull out the numbers he does while actually keeping people from objectives, especially in rated games where it actually matters.

I am hoping to get to play cookies some more, it would be nice to have some more competition like we had with the old Deadweight team, they were the only reason I queued before the merge.

Entierly possible, I'll be the first to admit that I haven't payed particularly close attention to him in the matches we've had. That said losing a duel to Eminence while claiming to be the best? Duel's aren't RWZs but its tough to maintain an "I'm the best" postition after that. Eminence is a solid objective playing sorc, but without slighting him, I pretty sure he'd tell you there are a couple better than him from DPB.

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Waiting for you to name a DPS sorc that can outplay me in rateds.

But how are you going to measure outplay in an 8v8?