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Percentage increase > Additive increase. At the current gear level, there's really nothing that beats Expertise because it has such a soft DR curve. If you could get to like 2000+ Expertise you'd probably be better of going Power, but as it stands, the difference between 1200 Expertise and 1300 Expertise is ~2% damage on all abilities, whereas 100 Power gets you +23 damage on all attacks.

So if your attack does 2500 damage on a standard hit, then:
2500 x 1.02 = 2550
2500 + 23 = 2532

So even at higher than 1200, still worth it. Additive increases are better for small damage numbers like DoTs, percentage increases are better for high damage numbers like your class' big hitter (Railshot, Back Blast, Death Field, Heat Seeker Missile, etc.).

That's how I look at it, but obviously you need a decent starting point for the percentage increase to be worth it, but even with 1300+ expertise you have plenty of room to stack Power to get your base damage high up there.
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