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I've tried DF, Sab, Sab/DF hybrid, SS, and a mix of a lot of ancillary talents mixing with 31 points in a given tree. I have tried a lot of specs.

That being said, I love DF. It is awesome. I think it is really the most fun when I meet another Gunslinger or Sniper that is specced SS/MM lol. DoT them up and LoS ftw lol.

But I do prefer SS more. I like the feel. Things die so fast that I don't get a lot of chances to do a bunch of damage, but it is really interesting.

I will say that almost the exact opening burst rotation that you said,
Sab Charge -> Aimed Shot -> Wounding Shots
which takes (1.5+2.5+3 = 7 seconds) can be replaced with the SS rotation
Sab Charge -> Instant Charged Burst (with Smuggler's Luck) -> Aimed Shot (1.5 sec induction) -> Trickshot

This rotation will take less time (1.5+1.5+1.5+1.5 = 6 seconds), and will do more damage, as Aimed Shot is now ignoring 20% of armor, does a bunch more damage when it crits, and Trickshot is probably more powerful than Wounding Shots (at least if Wounding Shots doesn't have the bleeds going already, which is not included in the burst damage rotation). I will have to check on the Trickshot > Wounding Shots (minus bleeds), but the rest is true.

Oh yeah, and 3/4 of the attacks I just said are instant-cast.

So I would say that SS has more burst. DF is fantastic for wearing down healers and long fights where you have a chance to ramp up your damage. It is absolutely frightening the numbers I have seen put out by DF, but for fast kills, SS is better, and that is what I prefer.

As an interesting note, I really like Saboteur more than both of those, because I like living longer and Incendiary Grenade makes my brain happy somewhere deep inside, but it is not as useful in PUGs to me.
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