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Bane would win. Definitely with Orbalisks, and very likely without. Sadly I think Vader would be the first to go, since all of these characters are known to have used Force Lightning (Kun I'm not sure about).

Bane practiced deeply against countering double bladed lightsaber techniques, so I have no doubt he can handle Kun, especially with his considerable force abilities.

Bane is basically Vader without the limitations of the suit. Djem So. A lot of power, but Bane has a more wide access of Force Powers, and is more agile.

Revan I think is Bane's biggest competition, and I'm really not a fan of people who refer to Revan as being one of the most powerful of all time. He's very good, but he's not the best of all time, not even in my top 10. Tactician wouldn't help him here, "heart of the force" is Kreia's biased opinion (she did train him after all). However, Revan's knowledge of ancient sith techniques (rituals for example) is just as great as Bane's, Bane did after all learn from Revan from his holocron.

However, Bane has his ritual of essence transfer. Should he lose, he could attempt to take over someone's body (if we're talking post - orbalisks), and against someone who's mind isn't as honed as Zannah's, this could prove fatal. If we're talking about Bane during his Orbalisks, he's going to be unstoppable.
I am the OP of that particular thread, all of these were in their prime, Bane did NOT have his orbalisks, they were actually more of a liability than a reliability, they made him lose focus and do foolish things.

Vader is not weak against lightning, that is a misconception, he is actually the opposite, highly resistant to it, Galen marek turned him into a battery, but it did nothing but make him kneel down, Sidious' lightning killed him sure, because it was the most powerful Lightning ever seen(it could bend Master Windu's lightsaber), but he also died because his life support had failed and the rage of the Dark Side that sustained him was no longer present, due to his redemption, it was this combination that led to his slow death.

Bane would not be able to handle Kun, think about this, he was helpless against Zannah's sorcery and Kun's makes Zannah's look amateur at best, his Force Blasts were made out of pure Dark Side energy, something Bane had no defense against, in the form of a wyrm summoned by Zannah, Kun was also so unpredictable and had such a strange duelling technique I highly doubt bane would know any serious counters against such a vicious Jar'Kai/Niman combination.

And Bane is NOT Vader without the suit, Darth Caedus is and he'd wipe the floor with the lot of these, Vader was the greatest Jedi killer ever, he was the most dominating and powerful machine the galaxy had seen, his telekinetics outmatch Bane's and his vast amount of Duelling skill due to him being possibly the greatest Djem-So practitioner ever mixed with a high proficiency in Makashi and Soresu, would make him Bane but on the next level.
(Then add in the whole point of the Rule of Two, Vader has to be better than Bane, or there was no real point.)

Essence Transfer would be useful, but consider that it took Zannah a couple of minutes to regain her whereabouts and he'd be dead in his confusion anyway, even an mildly intelligent duellist knows to strike down as many people as possible with the least risk to yourself in a multi-combatant fight.