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10.06.2012 , 12:00 PM | #188
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Oh I don't disagree that based on ur wins and losses ur the best team. More matches with cookies may change that but at this point ur the best team based on the info we have. Darc saying he's the best sorc because he plays on a team with a high rating is what makes me lol. I'm sry but the rating system is next to worthless, if it wasn't this thread wouldn't have to exist.
I think with more matches with us you'll come to realise that Darc is the best sorc, I consider him one of our best players. I have only seen a couple other sorcs able to pull out the numbers he does while actually keeping people from objectives, especially in rated games where it actually matters.

I am hoping to get to play cookies some more, it would be nice to have some more competition like we had with the old Deadweight team, they were the only reason I queued before the merge.