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Bane would win. Definitely with Orbalisks, and very likely without. Sadly I think Vader would be the first to go, since all of these characters are known to have used Force Lightning (Kun I'm not sure about).

Bane practiced deeply against countering double bladed lightsaber techniques, so I have no doubt he can handle Kun, especially with his considerable force abilities.

Bane is basically Vader without the limitations of the suit. Djem So. A lot of power, but Bane has a more wide access of Force Powers, and is more agile.

Revan I think is Bane's biggest competition, and I'm really not a fan of people who refer to Revan as being one of the most powerful of all time. He's very good, but he's not the best of all time, not even in my top 10. Tactician wouldn't help him here, "heart of the force" is Kreia's biased opinion (she did train him after all). However, Revan's knowledge of ancient sith techniques (rituals for example) is just as great as Bane's, Bane did after all learn from Revan from his holocron.

However, Bane has his ritual of essence transfer. Should he lose, he could attempt to take over someone's body (if we're talking post - orbalisks), and against someone who's mind isn't as honed as Zannah's, this could prove fatal. If we're talking about Bane during his Orbalisks, he's going to be unstoppable.
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