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Well yeah, it's not "hard" to get it, it just takes some grinding. Precisely like War Hero.

Personally, I think that the Jugg Black Hole set looks really cool. Infinitely better than the abomination that is the Columi/Rakata. I'm supposed to be a Sith Lord, not a war droid.
Head piece looks like something from WoW to me....The Boots are decent but they seem like they should go higher in the back...and I really like the gloves. Chest and Pants are boring and plain IMO. Seems like they didnt try to hard on the Chest which in this game should really be the most impressive given shoulders are attached and their entire coloring system is attached to it...But thats just me.

I actually started playing my Pub alt because I like their gear better...Even though most would argue:} Maybe Im just tweaked.
I want my SWG...
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