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Yes, I'm a fanboy. Get over it.

Alright, I've been reading posts for weeks concerning Revan, and I've heard so much BS I'm about to lose my mind. If you don't like Revan, that's cool. If you aren't interested in him, then there's nothing wrong with that. But what's not cool is when you say things concerning him that are simply not true. I'm going to defend Revan and explain why he ISN'T a pushover and why he could fight toe-to-toe with nearly anyone. What I'm about to say IS canon.

Here I will name several strengths of Revan:

1: He was one of the best lightsaber duelists of his day. And there were plenty of Jedi in his time, so this doubtlessly
means something.

2: He was an GREAT tactician. He turned the tide of the Mandolorian War the second he became a participent. Proof of this comes from Canderous Ordo. I don't want to chase down quotes, but basically a Mandolorian (these guys study warfare their whole lives) praised Revan's tactics several times. Revan was without a doubt a military genius. Also, I believe Kreia gave Revan some praise on this subject as well (not sure though).

3: He learned how to use the lightside very well in just a few weeks of training. Granted, this is partially due to the fact that he'd technically been trained before. But still this shows his understanding of the force was remarkeable. Kreia mentioned Revan's understanding of the force several times. She said looking at Revan was "like looking into the heart of the force."

4: At Revan's peak (which was after the Jedi Civil War) he used a combination of both the lightside and darkside of the force. This would have made him both very powerful AND unpredictable in a fight. Also, when Revan sees the mask that he had when he was a Sith, his memories came back to him, adding to his knowledge of the force, and accordingly adding to his power.

I know there are a few of you out there (Aurbere for example) who don't think it is possible to use both sides of the force. If one was to think about it, one would agree that using both sides of the force is impossoble. The thing is, the novel stated that Revan COULD used both sides of the force. So it doesn't matter what you think, it's CANON that Revan used both sides. You can ignore that if you want, but it's fact.

So with all of that in mind, Revan is a force to be reckoned with.

There was a thread discussing who would win in a free for all with Revan, Exar Kun, Vader, and Bane. First off, anyone could win this fight. These are all very powerful people. But to say that Revan wouldn't stand a chance, is absolutely ridiculous. In my OPINION Revan's got the upper hand in this fight. He's one of the more skilled duelists of this group, he uses botht sides of the force, making him very powerful and unpredictable, and he's the best and most tested tactician of this group. The other's weaknesses are this:

Vader is limited by his armor, like it or not. Yes he's more powerful then he was in ROTS but he'd be a LOT more powerful if he'd never lost with Obi-wan (am I the only one who loves Obi?)

Kun is cocky. He may be a better duelist the Revan, but Revan is a better force user and a better tactician then Kun.

I confess my knowledge of Bane isn't much, but I've never heard of him killing anyone noteworthy.

So that's that. One more thing: Aurbere stated that Darth Malgus could could beat Revan AND Malak with ease! You sir, are neglecting canon! Yes, Malgus could beat Malak, but no, he couldn't beat both them both in a million years! You could make a arguement that he could possibly beat Revan one-on-one, but even then, Malgus would be the underdog.

So that's what I think. If being a fan and admirer of a interesting/powerful guy makes me a ignorant/biased fanboy, so be it.