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10.06.2012 , 11:43 AM | #782
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They did say something like that but, come on, it is in works since Winter! How difficult it can be to implement in a 200 million dollar game? ETA is really what we need, as well as the current progress :/ Its' been in works for too long now. Long enough, to create offsprings like companion head toggles and colour matchings. Every RPer wants a hood toggle, though. It's very weird to play a Jedi that has his hood up at all times.
They said that it is one of things that looks easier than it is but as a result of the research going into they companion head toggle and hue to chest was implemented.

It does appear that they are researching how it bring in game.

I guess the cash shop will now feature hood down armors which is a cop out imo but they have get people to spend cash somehow.