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^ agree; You know though shish. I think it was ascendency/dragons council way of saving some kinda face cause they got knocked out of the first round by BlackJack.
Um, Luigii/Aerico won game one, then Aerico disconnected in the second two games. Thought that was kind of obvious when he just stood there doing nothing. Lanafear and I went out in the first round because we had him go a hybrid spec so he could do good damage too, otherwise tank/healer matches probably never would have ended.
We were planning on trying something else for the loser bracket, but since everything took so long that never happened, but oh well. Isn't like 2v2's are a good way to measure anything anyway.

Oh and lets clarify, its not "ascendency" that beats us in rateds on coinflips. Its The old server of Harbringer (or w/e the F it was called) of "ascendency/ haterade/ full resolve/ anyone else you can get" So dont pump your guild up like you do something specia
Pretty sure I've only seen you guys once since coming here, but we beat you fairly easily without a coin flip. The team we run has been the same since rateds came out, Ascendancy + Smurf/Kurupt, and then there's a few in some other guilds that we sub in when we don't have people on. Those people are in other guilds because they want to PvE. I don't see why this is so hard to understand, they are part of the team we run. Even if you want to say it isn't a "guild" group, it's still the Ascendancy rated warzone team.

BTW I'm craking up about ur "rating" argument. You grinded out the ratind when you were paying in a different leage than Cookies and BJ. Its irrelevent cross league since until now the leagues had 0 way to interact.
I've already mentioned the one game I've had against cookies, but I haven't lost a rated game since coming here, and I've seen BJ quite a few times. It's no different to our old server, except Deadweight lost a few of their good people, so we don't even have a challenge anymore.