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They already explained back then that the engine does not allow the things you suggest.
You're obviously trying to be awkward so lets pick through your points:

Yes, you can inspect players, but you have to be close to them.
They limit the distance, it's not a engine flaw. While I'm not sure of the main reason why they do this (probably to save bandwidth) I'm guessing one of the reasons is to stop people from getting into arguments over gear in general. Generally the only reason there needed to be an inspect player was for manual gear checking and pre 1.3 you'd be up close to someone doing that anyway so you didn't need a distance inspect player option until GF hit.

No, you can't lock tiers of FPs/OPs based on gear etc.
I don't think you understand coding at all to make that comment, the thing that decides whether a player is of level or not is a conditional statement, they can make any condition they want.

They can't even lock the role-choice based on your choices in the skill-tree.
Because there's no such thing as a role choice been implemented in the skill tree, they designed the skill tree as a freedom of role sort of thing where you are not locked out of putting points in any tree or how you play or even what technique/form/cylinder you use etc.. To take account on where everyone puts their points and how they play would be a lot harder for them to implement than you think.
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