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So what I'm reading is.. your guild that queues together and practices and whatnot loses to PUG teams?
So, by your defination I take it you would consider the MLB All-Star Team a PUG team? I mean thats what Ascendency is queing with half the time Hatrade's best PVPers, Full Resolve's best PVPers, Yes', best PVPer and Aliens' best PVPer.

You know what if that's what we call PUG teams BJ is requesting permission from Dead Weight to borrow Blaydes, Chuckles and one of ur Sage Healers, whichever you think is best. We're then going to take credit for our wins, but any time we lose call it a pug team.

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"Also I wonder how Darc comes to terms with the fact that he says he is "the best sorc on the server" yet he lost to eminence one on one, along with a few other people after this tourny."

I said top rated(Also most reputable for good reason). And now my inflated ego wants me to tell you that I have yet to see Cookiez be anything more than extraordinary trash talkers. I only lost one duel vs you guys after the tourny. I then beat Palje 6 times, lost to eminence one, beat every other Cookiez that stuck after 1 time. Then Palje started sweet talking me. Then the "gear" excuses started flowing out. I don't care about duels to be honest. Thats why I wasnt in the tournament, but It was entertaining no doubt. Rateds are what matter. And I don't think 1600 ratings are worth bragging about.

There are a lot of videos of me actually. I'm flattered that you took the time to put another one together.
Has Plaje played for more than 10 hours since the first server consolidation? BTW I'm craking up about ur "rating" argument. You grinded out the ratind when you were paying in a different leage than Cookies and BJ. Its irrelevent cross league since until now the leagues had 0 way to interact.