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No, my complaint and concern is that it is getting harder and harder for people to run rated teams, and even when you do run rateds, more than half of the time you are running into undergeared pug teams who are trying to quicken the gear grind (which is why "the best of the best" is a joke). This is not fun for anyone, or at least not for anyone who is out for competition and not a pointless rated number.
I'm with you here. I cringe every time someone advocates farming rated with undergeared toons just to get rated comms faster. personally, I like to play the game, and getting spawn camped isn't playing the game. it's feeding a meat grinder. so I wouldn't bother doing it for that reason alone. but the fact that it feeds valor, comms and rating to opponents who you have no business playing against in the first place (in a rated setting) is a more universal issue. it's like farming valor with friends on Ilum pre- 1.2. invalidates the entire system.
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