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Since 1.4, when using Fullscreen (windowed) option (never with normal Fullscreen option). I have those issues:

I have an AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series. I play with almost all in Hight EXCEPT for the shadows (I have them OFF).

When I want to see my items stats (to compare for example)

And this happens even with normal Fullscreen:
(the loot "light" is not as it should be).

It's not a "upgrade your graphic card issue. It's upgraded.

This only happens since 1.4 came out so...solve it.
Question. What is that chest piece you have. It is pretty Awesome. Sort of looks like a Road Warrior type of armor.

If you did not have the problem I would be able to see the name, so I can really see the frustration in not being able to see the stats pop up.
Anyways I would like to know what the name of it is so that I can try to get one myself. If you can remember by any chance, seeing that you can not see it in that picture.

I really hope they fix these bugs soon. You know one of my graphical issues I have the blaster bolts and saber effects flare off all across the screen in multiple directions. Quite annoying. It is some what cool looking at times but still quite annoying.
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