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Holy crap, man...cry some more please. You wouldnt take someone in PVE greens to do hardmode EC would you? NOPE. Its the same thing, rateds right now tend to be for the best of the best
Apples and oranges, man. You absolutely CAN NOT compare the PvE grind to the PvP grind.

The most difficult part of gearing up for end game raiding is putting the group together to do it. Battlemaster gear makes you insta-ready for Hard Mode raiding, so Tionese and Columi can be skipped completely. You can be in full Rakata gear in 2 weeks, or almost full Rakata in a single day if you're lucky with gear drops. The grind from BM to WH takes far longer.

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there has to be a carrot, if they streamline all the sets it just becomes pvp for the sake of pvp, and it just becomes boring.

Most of the PvP community would continue to play with no gear grind. We PvP to compete, not chase gear sets.