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sorry i think you missed the part where darc jumped psirebral with me around and i let them 1v1 until naena showed up. then we proceeded to overpower them until the rest of ascendency/dragons council showed up, and we still managed to kill both of them. don't play the numbers game, it's pointless.
^ agree; You know though shish. I think it was ascendency/dragons council way of saving some kinda face cause they got knocked out of the first round by BlackJack. So what does mister Luigi do? tells Darc to start going behind Cookie members to try and kill them behind there back without faceing them. So it is totally justified that Mr. Darc is so mad that there is a video of him completely melting. ( dont get mad, get glad)

Also I wonder how Darc comes to terms with the fact that he says he is "the best sorc on the server" yet he lost to eminence one on one, along with a few other people after this tourny.

So by my calculations. If he is the best, why is he losing one on one fights to people from Cookies? or is he the best when someones back is turned. Interesting question Mr. Darc.

Oh and lets clarify, its not "ascendency" that beats us in rateds on coinflips. Its The old server of Harbringer (or w/e the F it was called) of "ascendency/ haterade/ full resolve/ anyone else you can get" So dont pump your guild up like you do something special.