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10.06.2012 , 09:16 AM | #9
Guys you are missing everything. Dark Maul is designed to only be run in Dark Charge, the only reason that Surging Charge was grabbed was to get Induction for the 30% crit damage bonus on Maul because this is your primary attack. If you are not in Surging Charge then there will be no stacks of Induction, the only reason the talent was grabbed was for the 30% crit modifier to Maul. 23-11-7 is a waste because you are not even exploiting your best attack with max force regen. Darth Maul only works because of the new Darkswell talent. The 12 seconds of increased force regen every time you come out of stealth. Why did I take Thrashing Blades, that is a no brainer. I did not take any defensive talents out of the Darkness tree. Basically everything out of the Darkness tree was for utility while running Dark Charge.

One last time, I don't give two cents about the stacks of Induction or the Surging Charge talent. I run Dark Charge for the damage mitigation and the heals. If you read my post I broke down exactly why I took the talents I did and even parsed the damage potential of a Maul spam opener. I don't know why so many people got to discredit everything I say and try to educate me on my spec when they have not even ever tried it. I am trying to help YOU do better in wz's. If you are completely happy doing less than the AC can do then just stay with what you got. But last I checked there is no spec that can pump out over 2k dps during the opener. If you do disagree pls bring some solid evidence and facts from actually trying the spec. Don't just read a couple of the talents and claim there is no synergy.

The spec is called Dark Maul, Darkness tree, Dark Charge all while exploiting the Maul ability. Dark Maul. Not, Dark Surging Charge To Get Induction Stacks For No Reason.